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Picking a reputable and experienced IT support services provider will not only save your business money by eliminating system downtime, it can help increase revenue by reducing potential slowdowns and raising your personnel's morale and productivity.

1st Direct Computer Services don't wait for problems to occur; we identify hidden symptoms and resolve them before they can affect the day to day operations of your business.

We are very flexible when it comes to the amount of IT service support we provide; we can work on an ad hoc basis or conduct regular scheduled service visits.

Either way we will discuss all available options with you, and make sure an agreement is in place that will fulfil the most important factor; keeping your IT systems running as they should.

Unfortunately there will be occasions that incidents occur that even we cannot prevent (fire/theft/'acts of God'), however we will be prepared to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Through the multiple types of backups we will set in place for you, no matter how disastrous a situation becomes your important business data will be safe and accessible.

As part of our maintenance support agreements 1st Direct will:

  • Configure your server to give us weekly updates on the overall IT system status.

  • Regularly remotely check your network equipment for smooth running and potential upcoming issues.

  • Conduct visits to your premises to resolve any minor IT problems your staff are having.

  • Install any feature/security/bug-fix updates supplied by third party software providers.

  • Contact any third party service and software providers on your behalf if technical issues arise with them.

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